Zero Emissions Solutions

360°  Solutions for ZE Fleet and Infrastructure

PLM's electric and solar solutions pave the way in alternative energy for refrigerated transportation.  We offer:

  • A variety of Zero Emissions trailers
  • On-site consulting for facility and refrigerated trailers leveraging alternative energy
  • Programs designed to transition your business to clean energy
  • PLM is an approved dealer of the California Clean Air Off Road Equipment program and has worked with lease customers to reserve almost $6 million of vouchers to bring zero emission TRUs into California fleet operations.  





How can PLM bring zero emissions fleet solutions to you? (select all that apply)
Zero Emissions refrigerated trailer with solar panels on top.


Solar Electric Solution

PLM Fleet® puts the latest in zero emissions refrigerated trailers on the road with risk-free leasing, distributed energy site solutions and complete services support.

  • Lithium Batteries, Solar Panels And Momentum Generator Will Provide 20+ Hours Of Run Time
  • Weight neutral when compared to traditional TRU
  • Versatile equipment includes 28’, 36’, 48’ and 53’ multi or single temperature​
  • Liftgate options available​
  • Momentum wheel generator; harness excess power from braking
  • Low risk charging / safe human interface
  • Minimal maintenance; 3000 hours brushes cleaned & solar panels washed
  • APU Charging Stations at 2-3 per trailer​


Download PLM Zero Emissions Information Sheet


Electric Power Pack Solution

Power Pack System Provides 14+ Hours of Run Time​
  • Power pack fully recharged in 4 Hours – 137 KwH battery​
  • Charging options – DC and AC​
  • Hybrid over the road option​
  • 480VAC 60hz 3 phase output (Connect to electric standby on TRU)​
  • Versatile equipment includes 28’, 36’, 48’ and 53’ multi or single temperature​
  • Trailer agnostic, telematics agnostic, TRU agnostic (w/ electric standby)​



Zero Emissions Refrigerated Trailer battery pack
Inside Zero Emissions


Axle Power Electric Solution

Momentum Generator Provides Additional Power to Battery Packs​

  • Unit utilizes hybrid refrigerated technology - electric and diesel operating modes​
  • Captures kinetic energy and converts it to electricity​
  • Operates at nearly 100% electric while on route​
  • Customizable battery pack size​
  • Low-torque propulsion assist aides in overall vehicle fuel efficiency​



Site Solutions

Allow PLM to access your facility and present you with efficient, profitable energy solutions, to prepare your business for clean technologies.

  • We can recommend ideal distributed energy solutions for each of your sites, i.e. Solar and Energy Storage
  • Consult on-site charging options
  • PLM will identify project partners best suited for your infrastructure needs
  • Identify applicable grants and program funding
  • Provide project plan, cost and revenue information with implementation resources

Electrify your fleet and facility with PLM and Grid Market

PLM provides site solutions for your zero emissions infrastructure.


Clean Technology Financial Support

Expert step by step consultative guidance to earn applicable funds no matter your state.​

Let PLM help you sort through the paperwork and details to earn credits. ​
  • Facilitating all state and local programs​
  • Federal Grants​
  • Equipment programs​
  • Facility Infrastructure Solutions​
  • IRA​

CARB Compliance

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is imposing zero-emission requirements on TRUs sold or operated in California by December 31, 2029. PLM can help you meet this deadline by leasing now.

WAIRE Compliance

If you have a warehouse in Southern California, or your fleet delivers to these warehouses, PLM can advise you on how to meet WAIRE (Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions) regulations.​

Effective now, all warehouses with 250,000 sq ft or above must meet compliance to avoid mitigation fees. All warehouses over 100,000 square feet are required to report beginning July 31, 2024.​

With our on-staff regulation experts, we can survey your facility and give step by step instructions to electrify operations, and how to earn WAIRE credits.



UNFI Adopts Emerging Transportation Technology to Reduce Emissions



UNFI adds zero emission trailers to their refrigerated fleet

Photo Credit:  Sean Sumlin, Courtesy of UNFI
zero emissions funding and compliance programs
Zero Emissions refrigerated trailer with solar panels on top.

Test and trial trailers available; zero emission TRU deployed on your routes

  • Choose from 28, 38, 48 or 53ft trailers, charging units included
  • Personalized training and support structure
  • Remote temperature and operations management with ColdLink 
  • Complete site evaluation for infrastructure
  • Reservations available, ask about pricing and recommended trial periods
*currently available in California, Arizona and Oregon

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