It has never been more important to track your fleet in today's age of technology.  Having real-time trailer location and status information with management by exception-based reporting and alerts is critical to any refrigerated fleets’ success. PLM's ColdLinkR solution can do just that, a web-based, management tool providing tracking for real-time fleet visibility and temperature monitoring for your entire fleet.handsontablet


PLM ColdLinkR allows Fleet Managers to:

  • Manage inefficient asset use
  • Identify and execute possible maintenance needs
  • Obtain current and historical data about your fleet
  • Analyze driver routes to save time and enhance productivity
  • Cut down on the percentage of loss loads and missed deliveries
  • Ensure product is not altered due to improper temperature
  • Maintain FSMA regulated compliance



Access ColdLink Portal



MileLink Mileage Monitoring

PLM can enhance your ColdLink experience with real time mileage readings.  MileLink keeps your refrigerated fleet in compliance with FHWA inspections by being able to proactively schedule preventative service management according to actual miles.  The benefits of PLM's MileLink include:


  • Reduced need for estimated readings or manual entries
  • Reduced downtime by proactively scheduling service
  • Real-time data analysis