Fleet Optimization

Customize Your Fleet Plan


PLM's strategic planning team takes a consumption-based approach to effective refrigerated fleet management, by delivering a customized fleet replacement plan.  We determine and recommend when to replace your fleet by analyzing these details:

  • Fixed Costs
  • Operational Costs
  • Risk & Downtime


Using the information above, our experts can pinpoint the time to cycle out your existing fleet with new equipment to keep your refrigerated fleet running at optimal capacity.  We use several intuitive models to customize your fleet management plan and benchmark your fleet behaviors and data to identify areas of cost savings and productivity. 

When to Replace your Fleet


Customizable Models:

PLM can identify areas of cost savings and productivity by comparing your data against industry standards for managed replacement, operational savings and leasing benefits analyses through these models.

  • Optimal Cost Analysis
  • Lease vs. Ownership Analysis
  • Disposition
  • On-Site Maintenance
  • ColdLink Telematics
  • Electric Standby



The PLM Approach

  • Evaluating existing technologies
  • Personalized fleet lifecycle matrix
  • On-site evaluations
  • Comprehensive modeling tools and data analysis
  • Quantify a lifecycle savings and carbon footprint reduction


PLM's customized fleet plan includes full-service on-site maintenance plans, the largest refrigerated rental fleet to manage peak season and build times and full visibility and traceability of your fleet. Let PLM build your fleet plan, contact us today for more information.

Optimize My Fleet


Meet the Team

Christopher Yeats-Edwards

Chris Yeats-Edwards, Supervisor Customer Solutions

My background in management accounting has given me the opportunity to find customer efficiencies in operations through analysis, insights, modeling and reports.  As a key member of the Personalized Customer Solutions Team (PCS), I interact with both the sales team and the customer through conference calls and site visits to integrate PLM's solutions into their processes and save them time and money.  We can run their fleet against benchmark data to identify competencies and improve inefficiencies as in the case study below.


Fleet Planning Case Analysis:  Optimal Replacement to Reduce Maintenance Spend    PLM can show you when the optimal time to replace your fleet

Problem:  Customer wanted to evaluate the optimal life-cycle of its fleet, based on usage, maintenance spend, lease payments and warranties.


PLM Solution: Through analysis of historic maintenance events on the customer's fleet and benchmarking it against our fleet of over 10,000 assets, we were able to determine the the Transport Refrigerated Until (TRU) cost per hour based on the age and consumption of the trailer. An optimal replacement window was calculated to ensure the most efficient replacement cycle.  The graph depicts the optimal time to be at about 16,000 hours which is typically within the 7-year range for average run units. 


Impact: Through this analysis, customers would be able to cycle through their fleet and avoid the first round of major repairs, reducing downtime and keeping their fleet optimized.  PLM identified a potential savings as high a $986,000 when plan is fully implemented.





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