Sanitary Transportation of Human & Animal Food Training

for Drivers, Operations, or Warehouse


The Federal Department of Agriculture’s (“FDA”) Sanitary Transportation Rule (“STF”) requires covered rail and motor vehicle carriers to provide food safety training to staff engaged in food transportation operations. This requirement applies when the carrier and shipper have agreed in a written contract that the carrier is responsible, in whole or in part, for the sanitary conditions during transportation. Such carriers are required to establish and maintain records documenting the training of operations personnel.  PLM offers a training platform that will facilitate its customers’ compliance with applicable government regulations and keep them at the forefront of changing industry standards and regulatory compliance. 

IronApple OperationsSanitary Transportation- Powered by Iron Apple, this training provides students with the full awareness training that is required by the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STF) Rule. Online training classes can be accessed by smartphones, tablet, laptop, or desktop computers through Iron Apple's eClassroom. Training documentation and certificates of completion are stored and available on this platform, meeting the STF Rule requirements for food safety training for drivers, operations and brokers for motor carriers and distribution centers.

The Iron Apple FSMA Sanitary Transport Compliance Training Program consists of a 3-part e-learning solution. The training materials meets the FSMA & STF Rule training requirements. Two groups of content are available for the Operations Team and Drivers, making the training process focused and efficient.