Final Mile Training

for Safe Food Handling and Transport

Final Mile Training

Food Safety Training Module for Final Mile & Last Mile Drivers and Delivery Personnel

PLM offers Final Mile online training certificationPLM's Final Mile Training, powered by Iron Apple is a food Safety module for drivers who directly deliver food to the final customer. Whether you are delivering groceries, meal kits or meals directly from a restaurant, keeping the food you are transporting safe is your utmost priority. One of the most challenging aspects of home delivery services is perfecting the “last mile” and getting the product to the final destination in the safest and fastest way possible.

Ensure your final mile delivery personnel are fully aware of their role and responsibility to keep food safe.  The content of our food safety awareness training covers all of the key areas that drivers & delivery personnel need to ensure the food they are handling is kept safe during delivery.  Content is suited for all individuals involved with transporting/storing food or food ingredients, especially drivers & delivery personnel.


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Access to PLM's Food Safety Final Mile training eClassroom can be accessed by clicking the link below.


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The content set forth herein is not legal advice.  You are advised to seek appropriate legal advice to determine whether the FSMA is applicable to your company and whether the training offered by PLM will facilitate your company’s compliance with the FSMA in the event the FSMA is applicable to your company.