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MyPLM Platform Refreshes with Enhanced Functionalities

May 22, 2024

Introduction to the New MyPLM Platform

MyPLM is refreshed with an easier to navigate home page and enhanced functionalities to simplify your refrigerated fleet management.

myplm 1

The Top Banner: A Gateway to Efficiency

Upon logging in, users are greeted by the new MyPLM Dashboard. Key information about your fleet is now easily accessible the moment you log in.
myplm 2

Fleet Analytics: Data at Your Fingertips

The portal introduces an embedded report, offering a comprehensive view of fleet analytics. Users can delve into detailed and customizable reports for an in-depth analysis. 

Invoice Data: Statements Visualized

In this Tile, you can see your invoice data visualized. This allows you to easily manage invoicing in one stop.  

ColdLink Map: Real-Time Monitoring

A crucial feature for cold supply chain management is the ColdLink map, situated in the bottom right tile. It provides real-time updates on trailer locations, temperatures, and more.  

myplm 7

Conclusion: Embracing the Future

The new MyPLM Dashboards are a leap forward in digital customer experience for your refrigerated fleet management. Please contact your sales rep or (877) RENT-PLM for more information.