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How to Know What Zero Emission Equipment is Best for Your Fleet

Apr 26, 2024

What Zero Emission Product is best for you!


Now is the time to start transitioning to Zero Emission refrigerated trailers. Not only are they better for the environment, but in states like California, you can earn grant money or credits for having zero emission equipment. This also helps you avoid diesel emission fines. However, when looking into transitioning your fleet to zero emission equipment there are several factors that you need to consider.

  1. Trailer Specs
    • Does your day-to-day operations require specific types of trailer specs?
      • Are your trailers single or multi temp units?
      • Do you require additional specs such as side steps or liftgates that could interfere with zero emission components?
  2. Route Analysis
    • Do a deep dive analysis into your route, so that you are able to pick the best zero emission option that will create a minimal amount of operational change.
      • How many stops do you make?
      • How long are your routes?
      • Do you have multiple door opening events which could effect the bandwidth of the zero emission trailer?
      • How long are you precooling and loading for?
      • Do you have adequate time to charge a unit after a route?
      • How many charging stations would you require?
  3. Infrastructure
    • The infrastructure you have at your facility will greatly influence the zero emission product you choose.
      • Do you have adequate power for charging stations at your location or will you require outside construction to install new power sources?
      • Is there a limitation to the power you have available due to utility guidelines?
      • Do you have adequate locations to install chargers?
      • Do you have either internal or external resources that would be able to perform the installs of charging stations?
  4. Funding
    • The biggest hurdle when it comes to the transition to zero emission vehicles is the funding of the equipment.
      • Do you have a funding source for the vehicles?
      • Do you have an available funding source for infrastructure if additional work is needed?
      • Are you eligible for any government grants or rebates?
      • Do you have a clear transition plan for the swap out of diesel vehicles to zero emission ones?

You have to consider all of these factors when investing in zero emissions products. It can be overwhelming finding the right solution for you, which is why PLM offers a full team of zero emission experts that have a complete understanding of each one. We have people dedicated to finding you funding, fleet planning, infrastructure analysis and installation, building equipment, and more. Contact us today to start your transition the right way: or Zero Emission Solutions | PLM Fleet