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Leasing vs Purchasing Refrigerated Trailers

Apr 12, 2024

In the dynamic world of logistics, the need for transporting perishable goods with precision and care has never been more critical. The decision to lease or buy refrigerated trailers isn't always straightforward. Here are a few reasons why leasing is the right option for your business:

Cost Effective: Purchasing refrigerated trailers involves a significant upfront investment. On the other hand, leasing can provide a cost-effective alternative. Leasing allows you to access refrigerated trailers without the hefty upfront capital expenditure, freeing up your budget for other essential aspects of your operations with a better return on your investment dollars.

Flexible Fleet Size and Lease Terms: Business needs can change, and having a portion of your fleet of refrigerated trailers under lease allows you to maintain a newer fleet while also having an exit strategy on a portion of your equipment so that you can flex up or down each year based on the individual needs of your business. 

Maintenance Made Simple: Refrigerated trailers, like any machinery, require maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. By taking advantage of leasing with full maintenance, you can shift the costly responsibility of maintenance and repairs to PLM. This means you can concentrate on your core business activities, allowing the experts at PLM to ensure that your trailers are always in excellent condition. It's a hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of temperature-controlled transportation without the additional burden of upkeep.

Custom Builds: Leasing through PLM gives you the ability to work with Refrigerated Trailer experts that can review and offer advice on specifications.  Our experts can assist in assuring you get the custom specification build that are best suited to your individual business needs. 

Dedicated Fleet Mangers: PLM provides you with a team of dedicated Fleet Managers that help design a planned fleet replacement strategy based on your organization's individual needs. 

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Article by Kevin Brix, PLM Fleet VP of Sales Leasing