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What to Know Before Leasing Zero Emission Refrigerated Trailers

Apr 3, 2024

A zero-emission trailer is made to maintain product temperature just as a diesel trailer does. However, there are some differences in standard operating procedures that should be addressed prior to deployment. I like to call these “What If Scenarios”. Below are some examples of common user questions that you should have answers to before you incorporate zero emission trailers into your fleet. Getting the answers for these questions is part of the benefit of a partnership with PLM.
What to know before leasing zero emissions refrigerated trailers


  • What if the zero-emissions battery pack on the trailer is showing less than 75% charged?  Am I allowed to leave for my route? 
  • What if I pull away from the loading dock and the charger connection cord is still plugged in?
  • What if the charger connection cord is frayed or damaged?  Is there a chance of electrical shock? 
  • What if I forget to store the charger connection cord off the ground?
  • What if the battery level drops below 30% while I am on route?  At what % should I be concerned that I will not be able to finish my deliveries and make it back to the DC?
  • What if I don’t connect the battery charger correctly?  How do I know if the trailer is charging?
  • What if I run into problems with the zero-emissions trailer while I’m out delivering?  Who should I contact to answer any questions? 
  • What if I find some issues when doing the Pre-Trip Inspection with the zero-emission trailer?
  • What if I get confused during operation of the zero-emission trailer?  Is there some type of guide that I can refer to? 
You have to make sure that these questions are answered before fully integrating Zero Emission refrigerated trailers into your fleet. Contact our Zero Emissions experts to plan your Zero Emissions journey, integration and answer all of your questions. This will allow you to make the integration from diesel to zero emission smooth.

Contact: Zero Emission Solutions | PLM Fleet

By Mark Zwerner, Zero Emissions Product Manager