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Introducing Our Zero Emissions Team

Mar 7, 2024
PLM Fleet Zero Emissions Team of Experts

PLM supports your business in every step toward adapting Clean Technologies equipment and infrastructure. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you through each step, while collaborating with your business to understand your unique objectives.

Mike Marshall, VP Sales West and Zero Emissions

Mike has been a leader in the cold supply chain for over 20 years with a proven track record of success in sales and sales management processes. Mike manages PLM’s Lease Executives in the West and leads the Zero Emissions Product Team, providing training and support of TRU maintenance and operations.

Alan Gassler, Zero Emissions Customer Sales and Operations Analyst

Alan is the Zero Emissions, Customer Sales & Operations Analyst at PLM Fleet. As the subject matter expert on all technology used to monitor, report and define zero emissions performance, Alan provides direct customer consulting on metrics and how to best optimize and evaluate the success of zero emission equipment within existing customer fleet operations. As the product offerings and industry focus on zero emissions expands, Alan customizes analytics and program metrics to directly support customer SGE goals and programs.

Mark Zwerner, Product Manager, Zero Emissions

With over 30 years of experience in transportation, distribution, and the cold chain, Mark is directly responsible for customer transitions to electric fleets by providing on-site assistance in infrastructure, training, and site-specific loading procedures. Mark monitors telematics for predictive maintenance, analyzes equipment performance and works with OEM’s to develop quality improvements based on route performance.

Tim Anderson, Director of Refrigeration

Tim is our refrigeration subject matter expert on Zero Emission TRU’s and battery systems. In addition to advising the team on best practices, operation of the TRU and electrical system operations, Tim provides custom programming of the TRU per customer requirements. Tim also evaluates new technologies and products for introduction into our rental/lease portfolio. Prior to joining PLM, Tim has over 30 years of cold supply chain refrigeration background in multiple applications and has experience working at a TRU dealer. 

Leonard Druker, Zero Emissions Sustainability Specialist

Leonard is the subject matter expert on all grant and funding support for ZE equipment and infrastructure. As the dedicated point person for all levels of government funding, Leonard supports customers by identifying the incentives they qualify for, then helps them through the entire application process. With new programs launching on the federal, state and regional level, Leonard stays abreast of these changes to keep customers informed. Leonard promotes equipment and program improvement by becoming a stakeholder to the government entities.

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