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How to Start Transitioning Your Fleet to Zero Emissions

Feb 23, 2024


Zero Emissions
Do to federal and state legislation, fleets are now having to transition to zero emission refrigerated trailers that have a lower carbon footprint in order to reduce harmful waste. This transition, which first began in California, has begun to grow to other states across the country. Some have even started to ask for companies to report on their transition plans. There are multiple areas a fleet must examine in order to accommodate the infrastructure and operational demands for a Zero Emission fleet. Don’t know where to start? Our Zero Emissions Expert Analyst, Alan Gassler, has outlined each step below:

  • Ensure that there is enough power available to accommodate Zero Emissions or alternative energy equipment:
    • Things to consider:
      • Will additional power need to be acquired and installed by the power company?
      • There are often long and costly waste times for installation.
      • There is very high in demand not just in the transportation industry.
      • Will construction need to be performed to accommodate the additional power?
  • Determine if current operations will be able to adapt to new Zero Emission equipment:
    • Will the units be able to be charged at the current dock set-up?
    • New SOP’s will have to be established to accommodate charging.
    • Based on current routes, will there be adequate time to dock and charge the units for the next day’s route?
    • How will the loading process flow now with new equipment being introduced?
    • Will new equipment cause a lag with current route optimization and loading procedures?
  • Pick the best type of Zero Emissions or alternative energy equipment that meets your fleet and business needs:
    • This impacts:
      • Route time in regard to battery length
      • Power at the facility
      • Current fleet turnover/retrofitting
      • Overall cooling performance requirements
  • Yes, the cost of Zero Emissions equipment may seem steep, but there is a multitude of funding opportunities and companies that are able to help offset the price of the equipment and infrastructure:
    • Local and federal grants
    • Infrastructure payment programs
    • Additional air quality subsidies and rebates

The time has already come to transition your fleet to Zero Emissions. Have you addressed your company needs and ESG goals yet? If not, PLM Fleet can provide you with Zero Emissions refrigerated trailers, implementation plans, infrastructure plans, consultations, grant/rebates, and more. Meet with our Zero Emissions fleet experts today to learn more: or Zero Emission Solutions | PLM Fleet.