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What is ColdLink? PLM Fleet Refrigerated Trailer Telematics

Feb 16, 2024

PLM Fleet offers ColdLink refrigerated trailer telematics to manage your fleet.

Refrigerated trailer telematics is a valuable tool that allows you to track and manage your fleet from your desk. At PLM we offer ColdLink® trailer telematics that includes:

  • Comprehensive Trailer Telematics
  • Real time visibility and control of refrigerated trailers moving through the cold chain. This includes:
    • Direct connection to your refrigerated trailer units
    • Real time alerts like fuel level
    • Two-way control between you and your refrigerated trailer
    • Remotely react and adjust temperature
    • Initiate pre-trip inspections
    • Access data logs
  • Hardware installed at the factory and included in your lease
  • PLM sets up and helps manage your fleet
    • PLM Fleet telematics experts will help you set up your telematics so that it is the best fit for you.
    • We can help manage your fleet by analyzing fleet reports through telematics
  • PLM provides training and ensures your investment continues to improve your fleet operations:
    • Eliminate yard hunts
    • Increase utilization
    • Control Dwell time
    • Streamline maintenance with remote diagnostics.
    • Prevent load loss with temperature monitoring and reporting
    • Easy and automated FSMA compliance

When taking full advantage of all the tools that trailer telematics offers you, this allows you to manage your fleet, make it more efficient, and ultimately save you time and money. Ask for ColdLink on your PLM trailers and our expert telematics team will personally help you set-up, understand, and maximize the abilities of trailer telematics. Contact us: Contact Us (