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How to Successfully Add Alternative Energy Equipment to Your Fleet

Feb 6, 2024
How to incorporate zero emissions refrigerated trailers into your fleet successfully.

Adding alternative energy equipment (electric, zero emissions etc. refrigerated trailers) to your fleet is an adjustment for your transportation teams. Here are some things to consider that PLM can help with to make the transition successful by Mark Zwerner, our Zero Emissions Product expert.

1. Spec sheets listing expected power consumption in a few different common terrain and weather scenarios.  It is important to know your consumption range and plan routes accordingly.

2. Charger spec sheets for all charger types being utilized with charger operating instructions.  Make these easily accessible for yard personnel and drivers who will be plugging and unplugging equipment.

3. Charge time graphs for your different charger types.  Make sure everyone is aware of which chargers to use depending on your time limits between routes.

4. Equipment operating instructions in English and Spanish.  This should be a one-page quick reference sheet to leave in tractors so drivers can refer to it while on route away from the facility.

5. Equipment operating instructions as a presentation in Power Point for classroom training or an operating instructions video.  This will be used for initial associate training and used ongoing when a new associate is hired.

6. “What If Scenarios” to describe what to do in the case of alarm codes or emergency.  These are based on common issues or concerns and tailored to your specific facility.

7. SOP’s for drivers to incorporate into their DVIR walk around.  Know what items should be checked daily to ensure success.

8. SOP’s for equipment handling while in the yard and on route.  This will be a best practice document based on your specific application.

9. List of common components with specific warranty duration for each item.  This is for reference for your staff to refer to in the case of the equipment going down to determine what/if any costs are involved.

10. Preventative maintenance checklists and intervals.  Make sure everyone is aware of the items that need to be maintained and how often.

11. Telematics operating instructions with datapoint illustrations.

PLM can help you successfully add alternative energy equipment into your fleet. Contact us today: