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7 Winter Fleet Maintenance & Preparation Tips

Jan 16, 2024

Winter is here! That means it is time to prepare and maintain your fleet correctly for freezing temperatures, blizzards, and cold weather hazards. So our team has created 7 winter fleet maintenance & preparation tips for you. It's important to stay prepared because the last thing you want is to be in the middle of a blizzard, trying to get snow chains. Also, you must maintain your fleet correctly during extreme winter weather to prevent unnecessary damage and service calls. Sebastian Waters, our Director of Maintenance Services, created a list of preventative maintenance tips for you to do in preparation for winter.

See 7 Winter Preventative Maintenance Tips below:

1. Driver Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Always perform a pre-trip inspection. In extreme cold, damage can occur even before the trip, so you want to make sure that there was no damage caused by snow or freezing temperatures. This will save you from unnecessary emergency roadside breakdown calls.

2. Check Oil, Water, and Fuel Levels Daily

  • This not only helps you be prepared, but keeping level close to full creates less condensation.

3. Drain Air Tank and Trailer Daily to Help Keep the System Dry

  • The key to winter maintenance is keeping your refrigerated trailer dry. Any excess moisture can freeze and cause damage or malfunctions.

4. Use Air Line Anti-Freeze

5. Treat Diesel with Anti-Gel Fuel Treatment

  • Using fuel from a supplier that has been pretreated for cold weather is crucial. You can ask your provider for "Winter Blend" diesel fuel that allows your unit to ignite more easily in cold temperatures. If you are unsure if you are using treated fuel, add anti-gel fuel treatments to your tank to prevent fuel from gelling.

6. Have Snow Chains On Hand

  • Don't wait until the last second to get snow chains! Always have them on hand and maintained well. If you need assistance finding the best kind or attaching these to your trailer, you can contact our fleet maintenance experts.

7. Driver Post-Trip Inspection

  • It is especially important to do a post-trip inspection during extreme weather conditions.

If you have any questions, you can contact your local branch or call us at (877) RENT-PLM, ex. 4. If you have service needs after hours or need emergency roadside service, please contact our emergency breakdown service (877) RENT-PLM, ex. 1.