Diesel/ Hybrid Units



PLM diesel truck driving down road PLM's diesel units come with several safety features standard and are available in a variety of options from 28' to 53' with or without lift gates in single, multiple or tri-temperature options.  Our trailers are CARB and Smartway compliant and follow the EPA aero-compliance regulations.

PLM assets are equipped with

~ColdLink® telematics - a web-based, management tool providing tracking for real-time fleet visibility and temperature monitoring for your entire fleet

~ 40-watt weather-proof solar panels to extend battery life on the TRU using telematics

~ MyPLM web-based, 24-7 access to managing your fleet from any device

~ Additional 220-watt weather-proof solar panel on units equipped with Lift-gates

~ On-going customer CARB registrations


Units are fully customizable with options including, but not limited to:

  • Lift-gates
  • Side doors
  • Ramps (back and/or side)
  • Air chutes
  • e-Track
  • Interior lights


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