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Food Recall Causes


Safe Transportation of Food


With food safety concerns and the increase of last mile delivery, it has never been more important to make sure your staff is  properly trained.  Unsafe food handling and pathogens cause foodborne illnesses that lead to an estimated 47.8 million illnesses, 127839 hospitalizations and over 3,000 deaths annually*.  Public recalls due to these pathogens and allergens can be very costly to companies.  PLM is proud to offer a comprehensive training program for operations, drivers and warehouse workers that meet the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods Rule (STF) and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements to ensure safe food handling.

* (Center for Disease Control)


To help with the issues we are facing today, PLM offers 3 training options for your drivers to be at the forefront of safe food transport.

All classes are powered by Iron Apple, the leader in cloud-based training certification programs.


COVID-19 training eclass
final mile training - eclass
FSMA training - eclass


Health & Food Safety Best Practices for Transportation & Delivery COVID-19 Edition is ideal for long haul truck drivers, grocery delivery drivers, delivering meal kits or meals directly from a restaurant and is intended to help to keep yourself, your customers and the food you are transporting safe.  We will be reviewing best practices to protect yourself and reminding you of food safety procedures to ensure you do not contaminate the products we are trying to keep safe.


Final Mile Training is a food safety module for drivers who directly deliver food to the final customer. Whether you are delivering groceries, meal kits or meals directly from a restaurant, keeping the food you are transporting safe is your utmost priority. One of the most challenging aspects of home delivery services is perfecting the “last mile” and getting the product to the final destination in the safest and fastest way possible. 


FSMA Training facilitates compliance with the STF Rule by teaching trainees how to maintain sanitary conditions, monitor temperatures and properly operate the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU). Online training classes can be accessed by smartphones, tablet, laptop or desktop computers through Iron Apple's eClassroom. Training documentation and certificates of completion are stored on this platform, which meets the STF Rule requirements for food safety training for drivers, operations and brokers for motor carriers and distribution centers.

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