Personalized Leasing Solutions

Customized to Your Needs

PLM's customized leasing solutions are tailored to your plan.  Whether it is a long-term new build asset or versatile short-term in-fleet equipment options, you can be assured it will be designed to fit your business needs.  With a PLM lease, you can walk away at the end of your term with no residual risk of disposition costs.


Why Lease?

PLM's financial policy

  • Established fleet management partner
  • Alternative, asset-based funding option
  • Tax benefits
  • Supports a managed replacement plan
  • PLM assumes residual risk of disposal



PLM lease customers have access to a dedicated Personalized Customer Solutions Team to ensure your fleet is optimized.  We can help you build a managed replacement cycle, FSMA compliance through ColdLink Telematics Solution, financial viability through tax benefits and access to PLM's nationwide refrigerated rental pool - to assist with any seasonal, emergency or routine needs you may have.


Dedicated Personalized Customer Solutions Team Analytics:

  • 1-8 year consumption-based modeling
  • Lease vs. Ownership Model
  • Operational Replacement Plan
  • Onsite Maintenance Savings
  • Disposition
  • Benefits of Telematics Calculator
  • Electric Standby vs.  Fuel Carbon Footprint
  • Lease Accounting Support FASB
  • Fuel Consumption

Not convinced that PLM should be your Refrigerated Fleet Partner?  Try us out.  Have one of our dedicated PCS team members run a complimentary lease versus ownership model on your fleet. 

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